about the program

United Through Music programs are crossing the boundaries of conventional teaching and will pursue the worthy endeavor of musical education beyond the typical classroom.

It supports the students’ development as artists, expose them to broader audiences, and encourage their ambitions and dreams.

program diagram

The program is directed by Maestro Zonic and will feature orchestrations performed for the NEW WORLD RHAPSODY live event.

The program will include instrumental teachers to support the learning process.

Mr. Zonic and instrumental professionals will provide intense musical trainings and the concert performance.

All net revenues from the concert spectacular will benefit music programs in the local community.


Expose students to meaningful cultural experiences through the appreciation of music that has endured throughout history.

Implement instruction that will help students develop as artists by improving their ability to play a musical instrument; collaborate in an ensemble; and perform in a public concert.

Show talented students that music can be a bridge between people, a career choice, and encourage them to pursue their dreams and ambitions.

Compton Youth Orchestra

In partnership with Music Unites and the Compton Board of Education, Maestro Zonic created Youth Symphony Program for “at-risk” youth in Compton, California.

At that time Compton Schools had recurring problems with a high ratio of violence. In the first two months, the program generated $110,000 in donations and was featured on FOX National TV News.


Little Stars, Girls Choir

United Through Music organized an international and educational USA tour for the world champions girls choir “Little Stars” (Zvijezdice) from Zagreb, Croatia.

Stivers Spectaculars

The Youth Orchestra performances at the Schuster Performing Arts Center in Dayton, combined 375 students on the stage attracting large public and media attention, followed by local and national press, NBC, FOX, PBS, NPR Radio, and Radio Voice of America. The Seedling Foundation officially recognized Maestro Zonic’s success and used the revenue to complete the Federal QZAB loan to rebuild the Stivers School for the Arts campus, a nationally recognized art high school. The events generated $550,000 in revenue to support further music education in the Dayton community.

The number of students from the broader Dayton area who participated in this program continued their music education in colleges: Berkeley, Brown, Oberlin, and Wright State University, receiving full scholarships in music.