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United Through Music Global has partnered with Orange Matters to create United Through Music Arabia – an exciting transmedia initiative centered around a live musical ‘fantasia’ concert extravaganza, led by the world-renowned Maestro, Edin Dino Zonic. This initiative sets out to help further progress towards the sustainable development goals by engaging the local creative industries in the MENA region and celebrating historical Arabic art and music culture through a modern lens.

The mission and vision

At United Through Music Arabia, we understand the importance of culture and creativity in driving economic growth and boosting social development. We also believe that music has the power to inspire, unite, and heal communities affected by conflict. Through nurturing an appreciation for Arabic cultural heritage and tradition among local youth, our goal is to create a lasting connection between the past, present, and future – ensuring their transmission from one generation to another, much like the passage of our DNA.

Inspired by the famous ‘Arabian Nights’, United Through Music Arabia presents ‘Arabian Rhapsody’— a modern and immersive remake that incorporates influences from traditional Arabic instruments and melodies with an innovative approach to live storytelling and visual interpretations. For this extraordinary opportunity, Arabian Rhapsody will be performed by a freshly conceived Arabian Philharmonic Orchestra composed of 85 professional musicians and 250 talented youth who will be selected from each country where the orchestra is created and performed.

Through interactive workshops and activities, and by teaming up with local educational institutions to help scout local talent, we aim to foster a creative environment where young people can explore their aspirations and ask meaningful questions about their values and history.

Our ultimate objective is to inspire a sense of pride and understanding of the MENA region’s musical roots and engage a wide range of creative talents – fostering a legacy that will continue to thrive and evolve for years to come.


Take part in one of the most noble and influential initiatives in the MENA region aiming to:


people on the history of Arabic music and how this culture played a key role in the world’s music history.


western and MENA culture, fostering unity among peoples and nations, spreading an ancient culture’s artistic expression to the world.


a journey to rediscover and reconnect with Arabic music heritage through a musical ‘fantasia’ concert experience featuring an authentic Arabian philharmonic orchestra with young musicians.

Make an impact, highlight your brand, and positively affect the development of young talent in the Mena Region.

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